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Shop a colorful selection of Kanken backpacks, also known as Fjallraven backpacks at us.umikoacademy.com/store. Kanken backpacks are popular bookbags made by Fjallraven. The Kanken backpack was first introduced in 1978, aimed to alleviate the back problems that many Swedish students suffered from. Designed and produced in cooperation with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association, Fjallraven made the Kanken. Designed to be functional, it comes with a big compartment for plenty of books, a U-shaped zipper for easy access, and is made from lightweight fabric. The design hasn’t changed much since its first release and even decades later, the Kanken backpack is globally loved by students and adults alike. Enjoy this versatile bag in a wide range of fun colors and sizes to find the perfect Kanken that suits your lifestyle and needs.

A favorite of school kids, hipsters, and vintage enthusiasts, the Fjallraven Kanken backpack can be recognized all over the world. With an old-school look and a huge variety of colors, there’s for sure a Fjallraven Kanken pack that will let you either stand out from the crowd, or blend in a bit. Whatever you prefer. Personally, I’ve been trying to get Fjallraven to make a glow-in-the-dark Kanken backpack, so that I can really set myself apart from everyone else. They won’t return my calls. The Kanken rucksack can be carried as a backpack or can be converted into a bag via convertible straps. Pretty neat, I know.

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