Fjallraven Kanken releases new ART

Recently, I found that Fjallraven, the Swedish Arctic fox, Kanken, has released a new ART model on the road! I told her and regretted it because I just found out that it was a limited edition! “Do You Know” Lin Xiaoniang is the same style! She has been buying kanken like a Russian nesting doll, buying a small one and buying a big one, and buying a frosty green nesting doll for a warm yellow nesting doll. During the Chinese New Year, she bought a mini camouflage kanken from ACNE studios, and she was so happy that she received a year-end bonus of 50 salary! For the first time, they also gave me a frost green one! To tell the truth, before I used it, I had an attitude of “who is rare” about this cute looking bag. After carrying it, I was so in love with it that I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want to “share” it with her, but it was a must-have for travel, it’s really excellent! In addition to the hard, wide, stylish, light, waterproof and easy-to-care fabrics, it is also unexpectedly able to be installed, and the detailed design is also wonderful, night vision reflective logo, deep pocket water side bag, belt buckle, evc portable cushion, personal information card , sewing of W-shaped mechanical weight-reducing piles, etc., each combines minimalist aesthetics with practicality, and was rated as a work of art by the Swedish Craft Association. Why did I know so late? Why don’t I wait until the limited edition is sold out before giving it to her (I snapped it up in advance)?

Fjallraven Kanken

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